Eyelash Extensions

Long life Hollywood Lashes are weightless, waterproof, weatherproof and flexible eyelash extensions that add definition, volume and length with a natural and soft appearance.

Full Set of Natural or Dramatic Lashes


Infill Lashes

£25.00 – Every 2/3 weeks

£35.00 – Every 3/4 weeks

4+  weeks  will need a soak off and a new set applying

Soak Off



Party Lashes


Using “Cluster Lashes” instead of Individual Lashes, these are faster to apply and last the one night just for that special evening. Not as dramatic or natural looking as the individual lashes but much more so than Strip Lashes.


Not everyone can keep eyelash extensions in and in some rare cases extremely oily skin and hair may cause the adhesive to break-down and cause the lashes to come free, in the event the lashes come out within 4 days of application and the client has followed all after-care advice perfectly she will be offered another set complimentary, if the second set comes free it is reason to believe that the body simply cannot take eyelash extensions and we will recommend that she is unsuitable to carry on with treatment, in this circumstance she will not be offered a refund.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone, and that in the rare circumstance the client feels she cannot keep the eyelashes on due to them being irritating or uncomfortable she will not be offered a refund, if a soak off is required it will be charged for.