Geneo+ Facial

Welcome to the most advanced facial that we offer, the GENEO+ SUPER FACIAL.

This advanced anti-aging facial delivers outstanding results immediately…

Firstly we exfoliate using a patented “Capsugen”. This “pumice stone” type applicator gently vibrates to buff away the upper skin layers, removing the dead skin cells and preparing the skin to receive nutrient rich formulas. Reacting with a gel applied to the skin it slowly dissolves creating CO2 bubbles to oxygenise and deeply cleanse the skin.

The end result is a visibly brighter, energised skin bursting with new fresh skin cells.

The second stage of this facial uses Radiofrequency to tighten and contour the skin to lift and plump, for an immediate visible result.
Radiofrequency uses heat to stimulate fibroblast activity (the cells that produce your collagen) to increase collagen formulation and give a long term anti-aging result in the skin. It immediately tightens existing collagen fibres to instantly retract the skin to give immediate visible result.

Geneo + Facial

Non-invasive treatments are now far exceeding the demand for invasive surgery and Anew Aesthetics offers you those credible alternatives.

Geneo+ is a complete and cutting edge aesthetic skincare experience.

Single Treatment Face – £80

Single Treatment Face and Neck – £85

Course of 5 Treatments for Face – £385

Course of 5 Treatments for Face and Neck – £410

Please watch this video to find out how the Geneo+ Facial works

Microdermabraison – £55.50

Using just stage 1 of the Geneo+ treatment to deeply exfoliate the outer layers of the skin to remove dead cells.

Enzymatic Microdermabraison – £58.00

Combining stage 1 of the Geneo+ facial and the Jan Marini Enzyme Resurfacing peel to safely intensify the resurfacing action and provide measurable results for all skin types.