Jan Marini Acid Peels

Glycolic Acid Peel

Simple, safe, non-invasive and unbelievably effective, Jan Marini Glycolic peels are a route to improving the condition of your skin, without the down-time of traditional peels. Representing the very best pioneering technological advances in skin care, these peels work in conjunction with Jan Marini’s renowned Skin Care Management System products to significantly decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, premature ageing and pigmentation.

A glycolic acid peel can be performed with varying percentages of glycolic acid. This facial procedure will resurface the skin, giving it a dramatically softer, smoother texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing scarring.

A course of 6 Jan Marini peels is recommended for optimum results over a six week period. However, you should seek advice from your therapist as results and variation of treatment is personal to each individual.

The depth of the resurfacing facial peel is controlled by three factors:

  • The concentration of the solution.
  • The length of time it is applied.
  • Preparation of the skin.

Benefits of a Glycolic Peel

  • No down time! Make-up can be applied immediately and normal activities can resume after treatment.
  • Assists to resolve photo-damaged skin (sun damage), acne and scar reduction, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation.
  • Significantly decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and elastin.
  • Accelerates the results that can be achieved with glycolic home care products.
  • Produces dramatic changes with virtually no erythema or recovery period.

The Jan Marini Skin Care Management System products

Anyone who wishes to undergo a glycolic peel must be first placed on a Jan Marini Skin Care Management System, using glycolic acid-based products, for at least two weeks prior to the first peel and also during the course of peels.

The Jan Marini Skin Care Management system consists of a selection of products which will prepare your skin for glycolic acid treatments (using diluted solutions), an important part of the overall glycolic peel procedure.

The Glycolic Peel Checklist

  • Thorough consultation is carried out prior to recommending a course of Jan Marini Glycolic Acid Peels.
  • Clients must have been on the Jan Marini 5-Step Skin Care Management System for a minimum of two weeks prior to the first peel.
  • If diagnosed with any medical condition, the client will need to consult with their doctor before undergoing a peel.
  • Men must not shave on day of peel.
  • Consent form to be signed prior to undergoing glycolic peels.
  • No jewellery should be worn around the neck/ears on day of peel. Use of Glycolic acid home care products should cease the day prior to and not used for a day immediately after the peel.
  • If you have been treated for acne during the past year and have been prescribed Accutane, please note: Accutane should be discontinued for approximately six months to one year before glycolic acid peels can be administered and only with your physician’s approval.

The Glycolic Peel Procedure

The skin is cleansed with an appropriate cleansing solution.

On application of the glycolic acid peel you may experience a mild stinging sensation, which normally disappears after one minute. The acid peel is left in place for a period of time that will be assessed by your practitioner. This is also dependant on how your skin has reacted to the home care program and to the amount of peels you have experienced.

The face may become pink after the solution is applied. There may also be a faint whitish discolouration in some areas. Some individuals may experience more stinging than others. This is normal and will resolve once the peel is washed off. In some instances you may experience some flaking of the skin after you peel – this is normal

Any redness or dehydration, if present, will subside during the first few days post peel. It is important to check with your practitioner concerning these points. Under no circumstances should you pick off any dead skin, to do so may cause pain and possibly bleeding.

No sunbeds or sunbathing is recommended for at least 2 weeks after a peel.

Glycolic Peel – £95

Deep Glycolic Peel – £120

Course of 6 Glycolic Peels – £670
including Skin Care Management System worth £262 Free of Charge

Course of 7 Glycolic Peels for Pigmentation – £790
including Skin Care Management System for Pigmentation worth £295 Free of Charge