Cheek Enhancement


Dermal Fillers can be injected along the contour of the cheek bone to help achieve a more defined appearance. Fullness is often lost from the cheeks due to ageing or weight loss and can cause sagging – though subtle, these small changes can be very ageing. A cheek enhancement can instantly reverse both of these trends offering a dramatic anti-ageing affect!

A cheek enhancement is an advanced treatment and needs to be done by an experienced practitioner to reduce the risk of asymmetry and to produce an aesthetically beautiful outcome. At Anew Aesthetics, we use techniques that produce an instant, refined and elegant result with minimal discomfort and risks.

At this clinic we use the latest proven, synthetic hyaluronic gel fillers, which can always be dissolved.

The Treatment Process

A fast-acting topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area, we then wait for it to take full effect (about 30 minutes). In addition to this, we also normally use a dermal filler than contains an anaesthetic which further reduces discomfort.

By placing the dermal filler along the contour of the cheek bone it restores the buccal fat pad over the cheek, giving you the cheek bones of your youth (or better!). One of the great things about a cheek enhancement is that the results are instant. You’ll probably have some slight redness on the day, which will go away in a day or two. But if you’ve got a big event coming up, it’s a great way to take years off quickly.