When we are young, the jawline from ear to chin is smooth. As we age, many people experience jowls that occur along the jawline directly below the outside corners of their mouth, caused by skin in the cheek area sagging down over time. These jowls interrupt the smoothness of the jaw line.  Fortunately, if the sagging is mild to moderate, non-surgical treatments such as dermal filler injections can correct this problem easily.

It is vital to maintain the strength of the jawline and the chin for a youthful and balanced appearance. What would be an enormous undertaking surgically is a fast and effective treatment with filler. Fillers are used to re-sculpt the chin and lower face, restoring volume and contour to create a sharper and more youthful appearance.

The Treatment Process

A fast-acting topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area, we then wait for it to take full effect (about 30 minutes). In addition to this, we also normally use a dermal filler than contains an anaesthetic which further reduces discomfort.

By placing the dermal filler along the contour of the jawline, this corrects any minor distortions in the jowl, softening shadows and creating a more contoured appearance.

The jawline and chin play an essential role in the overall shape of our face, and subtle improvements in this area can instantly create a more refreshed and attractive appearance.